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幸运飞艇有漏洞:Public Funds New Funds Afford to Buy 5 Billion Yuan on Two Days Star Private Equity Funds Per Fund Subscribe to Over 25 Million Market Volatility

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内容摘要: Shockshocked! There are new shares based on two days to sell 5 billion The recent stock market volatility has increased, but there is still...

Shock shocked! There are new shares based on two days to sell 5 billion

The recent stock market volatility has increased, but there is still no way to prevent the emergence of explosion funds!

Recently, two fund funds were reported to be closed early in the industry. One equity fund was raised or reached 5 billion yuan in two days, while a bond fund was sold out one day and the subscription size exceeded 5 billion yuan, showing that " shares Base Debt-based " Both have a hot scene.

Fund found that from March onwards, there were also GF Shanghai and Shenzhen deep industry leaders selling 8.073 billion, China's industry leader selling 6.384 billion, China Merchants MSCI China A shares selling 4.917 billion, and E Fund Shanghai-Hong Kong stocks selling 4.007 billion... If you count the early end of the collection of Xinji gold, this wave of fund sales boom "explosive" equity fund sales also close to 30 billion.

\u0026nbsp;Industry sources said that investors and channels currently prefer the products managed by the merit fund manager, fund companies are also willing to play the star fund manager card, thus leading to a number of explosive funds released. In the future, this situation may still be fermented. With the continued issuance and sales of the partial stock fund , it may continue to bring activity to the A-shares, which is worth investors to pay attention to.

Recently, a small message caused the Fund's attention:


The previously released Huitianfu Smart Manufacturing Release reached its target for collection in just 2 days. According to the fund announcement , the fund issuance period from April 18, 2018 to April 20, 2018, which is to say, preparations for the end of the day ahead of the recruitment.

How much is the recruitment target? According to sources of funds from the fund sources, Huijinfu’s smart manufacturing is about RMB 5 billion.

For more than 5 billion yuan of gold in two days, some people in the industry said that this and product positioning, fund managers and fund company brands are important reasons for selling. This product is located in the intelligent manufacturing, better meet the current theme, the performance of the products that the fund manager previously managed to perform better, coupled with the influence of the fund company brand, led the fund selling. (China Fund News)

star private equity FOF per capita subscription over 25 million

Although the A-share recent re-encounter adjustment, stock index 7 _ 89456 _ 52 _ 65473 _ 918 days approaching the previous low, but the high net worth client market enthusiasm has rebounded. Recently, China Merchants Securities Asset Management Introduced by Chongyang Investment and Jinglin Assets, six well-known private equity fund managers of sub-funds as FOF management products, raised close to 2 billion yuan, the average investment per high-net-worth customers is close to 10 million yuan.

According to an insider close to China Merchants Securities , China Merchants Securities Zhiyuan Qun Yinghui is a private equity investor of Chongyang Investment, Jinglin Assets, Qianjin JV, Wangheng Capital, Kaifeng Investment and Fengxiang Investment. The fund manager’s FOF product, which raised nearly 2 billion yuan in funds from April 11 to April 18. Since China Merchants Securities Zhiyuan Group Yinghui is a collection of wealth management products, it is limited by the total number of 200 customers, which also means that each customer invested an average of more than RMB 10 million in this star private placement FOF.

The enthusiasm of high-net-worth clients to invest in the star private equity FOF has just kicked off. In mid-March, CITIC Securities Star-selling private-equity FOF products sold about 5 billion yuan in 4 days. According to the number of 200 customers, each customer invested an average of more than 25 million yuan. CITIC Securities The star private equity FOF product launched by the company is the industry's first crab-eater, and China Merchants Securities Zhiyuan Qunhui is closely following. Both have successfully tested the water and are favored by high-net-worth customers.

The A-share market has been turbulent since 2018, making it more difficult for investors to operate. High-net-worth customers are more willing to entrust funds to institutions. The above-mentioned sources said: “Investors in China Merchants Securities Zhiyuan Qunhui are mostly investors in the original secondary market. However, due to unsatisfactory personal investment performance, these high-net-worth customers are more willing to entrust funds to professional institutional investors, especially Is an institutional investor who has proven to have the ability to make money." Since March, billion-scale private equity has also been frequent new products. According to statistics, in March, private placements rose by 30% month-on-month, and the number of circulations was 1,685. Among them, the scale of private equity is even more sought after by funds. The number of new products filed by Gaoyi Assets is 30, Jinglin Assets is 15, Kaifeng Investment is 15, and Yuanle Assets is 13.

Some institutional sources believe that whether the star private placement of the FOF is hot, or the private placement of billions of new private products, it is quite clear that high-net-worth customers and private equity are very satisfied with the timing of the current entry. After the adjustment since February, A shares The valuation of blue chip stocks has returned to the level of early 2016, while China’s economic growth remains resilient, and the growth performance of Baima’s stocks is more deterministic. This is the time for strategically opening large capital funds.

Analysts also believe that the star private equity FOF products continue to be launched, and the increase in large-scale private fundraising appeals has also accelerated the flow of funds to large-scale private equity, and the private equity industry is showing strong and consistent phenomena. Because large private equity favors Baima stocks with good liquidity and matching valuation and performance, this will have a profound impact on the investment style of the entire market. (Shanghai Securities News)

"Explosive Money" Fund Manager of the Star Fund

With the continuous “explosive funds” boom and money-making effects in 2017, sales channels and investors prefer products managed by “star fund managers”. . According to the reporter, this trend is still continuing. Major fund companies prefer to create "explosive models" for "marketing wars."

According to a bonus fund manager recently stated that he is about to launch a new fund, because the performance continues to be good, so the company has placed high expectations. "From this year's situation, unlike in the past, the marketing strategy was to increase the size of new funds to expand the scale of the model. This year's industry trend is more inclined to use one or two star fund managers to manage the explosion funds to bring the scale up. This strategy is even more Efficient.” He said that this model is centered around the star fund managers, focusing on the layout of the main channel sales.

And another fund company marketing department also said that the current major channels are more looking forward to good performance fund managers, and the industry's successful marketing case for six months are also the main star fund managers. The company also plans to launch a new fund, which will be managed by the fund manager of the old blue-chip merit fund. It will play the "replication" card of the old fund and strive to expand the scale through the new fund.

Another person from the marketing department of another large fund company also stated that the company's product managed by a star fund manager is being issued. This fund is also a key product this year. “Since the end of last year, several consecutive explosion funds in the industry have brought about more obvious scale increments for some fund companies. As a result, some fund companies have followed suit positively, and many companies have increased their expectations for explosive funds. Less is the concept of 5 billion start." Another industry source said.

"This year, the major banks of the , channel are obviously favored by well-known star fund managers, and they devote more energy to it. For some fund managers with ordinary performance or low visibility, it is difficult to promote products even if they enter the sales agency pool. The sales volume is not very obvious. According to a market player of a small- and medium-sized fund company, a new fund issued by the company in the previous period was difficult to set up.

It is true that large-scale fund companies have riveted their efforts to create explosive products, and they are very hard to advertise and promote their products. All of them follow the methods of investment, train title, vibrato video, and outdoor advertising.

The data also shows that, from the perspective of this year's fund raising, in addition to the one-time fund raising of more than 30 billion yuan in January, the core strength of Castrol, GF Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the industry leader, Huaxia Wensheng, and Dongfang Hong Ruize are set to open for more than three years. Only the first fund of the fund has exceeded RMB 5 billion. From the perspective of the fund companies, companies that have issued equity funds with a scale of over 10 billion yuan this year include Xingquan, Huaxia, and Jiashi. The distribution of products managed by better performing fund managers is better. A group of new funds managed by a group of outstanding fund managers have closed their offerings ahead of schedule.

In addition, there are people who said that in the past the fund industry has been based on the money fund as the core, the focus of the scale of impulse around the development of currency funds and other products. The current new trend is active management, so the fund company's focus has also shifted to equity funds. He expects this "explosive model" will continue. (Securities Times)

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